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Knocs Blasting AS is our blasting & consulting company, we aim to leverage our expertise in many types of civil and mining operations.  In addition, Knocs Blasting has the exclusive rights to import and sell Royex® a fully CE approved, 1.4s pyrotechnical blasting product.  Royex has the following benefits


  • 500m/s velocity of detonation
  • Very similar drilling and charging procedures to typical explosives
  • No generation of NOx and CO gasses
  • Negligible vibration generation
  • All components can be stored together and flown to site
  • Developed in Sweden in 2007, currently in use in Scandinavia, UK, Canada, Africa & Europe
  • Blast design for all types of conventional and non-conventional blasting applications

  • Smooth wall blasting techniques

  • Environmentally controlled blasting

  • Rock blasters and Rock blasting management services

  • Q.A.Q.C. of pattern designs, loading plans and timing plans

  • Project assessment and consultation services

  • Surface and Underground mine design assistance (including stope design)

  • Ventilation surveys and assessment

  • Long and short term planning

  • Shovel – Truck surveys

  • General time-in-motion surveys

  • Assistance with GPS surveying

  • Tunnel and U.G. infrastructure planning and design






Awareness in hazardous areas. Knowledge of emergency regress procedures, correct Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) application and contentious of co-worker safety


Respect and care of the environment. Respect the rules and regulations on a customers job site.  Respect of local cultures and customs


Maintain and build new relationships. Deliver flexible, innovative and customised solutions.


Deliver as promised, on time and on budget and most importantly….in a safe, environmentally conscious manor

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Knocs Blasting AS
Knocs Blasting AS