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ROYEX is a fully 1.4S classified pyrotechnical rock splitting solution

All components are classified 1.4S, therefore it is possible to transport and store all equipment in a single container, as opposed to the separation requirement for normal detonators and explosives

ROYEX is easy to handle, easy to load and easy to blast

Loading principals are basically identical to traditional high explosive, therefore removing the need for extensive operator retraining.

As ROYEX contains no high explosives, if used properly it produces negligible vibrations and significantly less noise, dust and gas than typical exlosives

Product guide
Product guide

Pyrotechnical Igniters

Oversize Breakage

Royex rock breaking and rock excavation - demo video 2

Royex concrete demolition and concrete breaking solutions

ROYEX consists of a system of cartridges and igniters, much like packaged explosives and detonators respectively

The igniters are seated into the cartridges via threaded couplings which ensure a perfect fit every time

The igniter is connected to the surface via signal tube (same tube as a detonator uses) or electrical wire and can be initiated using conventional blasting equipment

The holes are connected together much the same way as surface connectors in conventional blasting

Igniters come with preset in-hole and surface delays

Due to the exceptional vibration reduction characteristics Royex has the ability to provide chemical breakage where previously only mechanical options were considered

In addition, ROYEX is suitable for all kinds of blasting and rock splitting work, not just vibration controlled situations

It is currently in use in Scandinavia, Africa, Canada and Europe with benching operations, tunneling projects and also mining operations. 

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